Humble Beginnings

Well, it might seem like madness to you and, indeed, to myself much of the time but it’s fair to say that I love teaching.

That’s not to say that I love it every day, not even every minute, but there’s something about it that’s captured my heart and my imagination. With thirteen years of it behind me (and hopefully many more ahead), it’s probably a good job!

There’s just something about being “Miss” to thousands of students: being a sounding board; being an example; just being there.

Teenagers are curious and malleable creatures, both fascinating and perplexing in equal measure. Watching and helping them grow to be the best version of themselves is the best job in the world.

But there are barriers, many of them. Most of them involve national, local or school politics. Some of them involve expectations and workload.

What I seek to keep at the heart of this blog, and in my own heart of hearts, is a passion. A passion for learning in myself and my students.

A passion for my subject: English.

This blog will seek to keep me, and hopefully you, focused on why we came into teaching. Our love of it.