Teacher Mental Health Is At An All Time Low: The Current Management Focus On It Is, At Best, Patronising And, At Worst, Actively Damaging. Discuss.

At lunch today, with a group of colleagues, we were discussing the impact of teaching on our mental health. Unanimously the verdict came in: devastating. Yet, I think that, without exception, we all love teaching. With so much pressure, regular observations, extreme workloads, is it possible for us to protect ourselves and our mental health […]

Naughty but Nice…

I don’t know about you but my favourite classes are often those with an overabundance of personality. The naughty but nice… Like Jelly Babies! The ones where, years later, you’ll bump into them in town with their small children in tow and they’ll jump to greet you before swiftly apologising for all the hassle they […]