Loving the Life of Leisure

There’s something quite discombobulating about the holidays when you’re a teacher, isn’t there? A strange degree of calm or a lack of noise. There’s no one there shouting, “Miss! Miss! Miss!” or “Sir! Sir! Sir!” as many times as possible within three minutes because, heavens to Betsy, you’re actually helping someone else or even DOING […]

Naughty but Nice…

I don’t know about you but my favourite classes are often those with an overabundance of personality. The naughty but nice… Like Jelly Babies! The ones where, years later, you’ll bump into them in town with their small children in tow and they’ll jump to greet you before swiftly apologising for all the hassle they […]

Precious Cargo

Teaching does have its down days though, doesn’t it. Those days when you’ve planned the best lesson you can and 10×9 still manage to derail it. I’m no stranger to this. I still vividly remember J. rolling sideways along the desk growling in a deep, rich, gravelly roar (having just thrown his book across the room). Mercifully this […]

Humble Beginnings

Well, it might seem like madness to you and, indeed, to myself much of the time but it’s fair to say that I love teaching. That’s not to say that I love it every day, not even every minute, but there’s something about it that’s captured my heart and my imagination. With thirteen years of […]